Theriault Media’s next project is underway and stands to be an absolute powerhouse!
We Do the Work - YOU Get the Fame...
AND the Leads!
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The Hottest Tips, Tricks and Hacks from Rock Star Real Estate Investors that Anyone Can Use to Sell Their Properties Fast and for Top Dollar Without a Real Estate Agent!
Nearly half of all homeowners who sell their home without a real estate agent believe that if they sell themselves they’ll have to do just a little bit of work resulting in saved commissions and closing fees.

The truth is, according to research by the National Association of Realtors®, for-sale-by-owners on average actually spend significantly more time on the market and sell at a price much less than comparable listings that were sold by an agent.

I want to educate these ambitious homeowners on the real-world costs of selling their property on their own and inspire them to reach out to YOU to buy their house… at a discount, of course.

Further, everyone has a story to tell and we’d like to team up together to share yours with the world.

Theriault Media’s next project is underway and stands to be an absolute powerhouse!
We Do the Work - YOU Get the Fame… AND the Leads!
There is nothing better than the attention, recognition and immediate credibility that comes from being bestselling author.

Note: No matter what people may tell you, (In general) there is very little money in the book industry!
Yet the credibility and business that comes from being an author is unreal.

Here's how the program works: We all chip in equal amounts of dough, we then implement a trademarked system where we survey and interview you to discover what makes you shine, we then craft your message through a hybrid ghostwriting process that manifests into your own chapter that inspires readers in your region to contact YOU… like magic!

Once complete, we publish the book and market it to Amazon bestseller status… GUARANTEED!

Yes, GUARANTEED! Most books, even high quality books, languish on the shelves of book stores with nobody buying them. It's our conviction that you deserve more than this, so...
We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is and Do It For You, or it's FREE.
For the rest of your life, you are known as a bestselling co-author/contributor to a fantastic piece of literature.

Your name will be featured on the rear cover, your bio/contact are included in the back pages, on the book’s supporting website and your name is even listed on Amazon as part of our collaboration.

Half these spots are already filled… and only one investor will be permitted per region.

If you are a real estate investor running your business full-time, I recommend you reach out right away to interview for the remaining regions and lock it up.
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