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Burn Fat FASTER Than Ever Before.
We've created a Revolutionary Grass-Fed Whey Protein that Burns Fat and Tightens Your Body
Helping you Lose and Keep those Annoying Last Few Pounds OFF...
* Try it now for 30 days, and if it doesn't work for you, you'll get your money back! *
So, What Can the Body Do Over Whey Protein Do for You?
Our protein is 100% All Natural Grass-Fed Whey Protein.

Yeah that's right, say goodbye to the TERRIBLE side-effects of main brand proteins that are actually causing you to GAIN FAT and Lower Your Energy Level (not to mention the disgusting additives and acids they are feeding you, ewwwww)!

Our GRASS-FED Whey Protein:
Delivers high quality macronutrients
Our high quality macronutrients replenish your body quickly and effectively to feed your body without having to go on any special “DIET” program so you lose weight and keep it off naturally, easily and quickly.
Leans and tightens your
 body with ease
Have an easy-to-keep, supremely healthy meal replacement with our Grass-Fed Protein, keeping you from those dreadful cravings pushing you to consume "garbage" foods.
Solves the problem Yo-Yo
dieters experience
Our ALL NATURAL and minimally processed protein provides for better taste, higher nutrition density and more fat burning fuel to power your day. 
Protein Designed by Celebrity Fitness Trainer and the Host of Body Do Over - John Schaefer
John has trained and counseled hundreds of people over the last 15 years in fitness and nutrition. He decided to create the Body Do Over GRASS-FED Whey Protein when he saw how many people were dealing with being over weight from low quality nutrition, chemicals, hormones, refined sugars and other filler junk put into common everyday supplements and meal replacement shakes. 

Do you know what's in your protein?
This Is What You Haven’t Been Told:
Most brand name commercial protein powders and nutritional meal replacement shakes:
  • Contain controversial additives including artificial sweeteners (many health experts believe these cause early dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and even cancer), genetically-modified-organisms (often believed to cause infertility and sterilization effects on humans), fillers (additives and junk your body doesn’t assimilate well, just to make more profit).
  • Are heavily processed which potentially leaves all the natural and great immune-supporting and muscle building components of the whey damaged. (basically destroying all the benefits you’re buying it for)
  • Are treated with ACID (this is how casein is actually made) which can lower your body’s PH levels and dehydrate you.
  • Are treated with SOY just to make them mix well. Check the ingredients label and look for “soy lecithin” on your bottles or bags of protein. It’s in almost all protein powders, especially if they are commercially marketed and mass produced. What’s the problem with soy?

    ** Many health experts now consider soy to be an ANTI-nutrient because it prevents the body absorbing other nutrients!

    ** It’s thought to be estrogenic which means that it can cause an increase in female hormones in the body (which can make muscle building and fat loss much harder as well as other potential health complications)

    ** Soy is often genetically modified

    ** Soy can tear up the inner lining of your stomach and cause leaky gut (run a quick Google search if you dare.)
  • Are sourced from cows who are fed cheap grain which is an unnatural food for cows (unlike all natural GRASS-FED Whey)
  • Come from cows who are treated with antibiotics and hormones. Many cows are injected with Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) to make them produce vast quantities of milk… if you consume commercially marketed whey, it’s probably coming from these Hormone Injected cows.
  • Come from whey protein that is often sourced from China or India (which is thought to have seriously substandard quality standards which are very different from those in Europe and the US).
This just means...

this is what you are INGESTING every single time you drink name brand proteins...

And they never warn you!
Frightening, isn’t it?
I know it was for us. 

Which is EXACTLY why we created Body Do Over
All Natural Grass-Fed Whey Protein.
We wanted a protein that we wanted and we knew would be actually good for us.

So we went to work and did just that!
So, now you're wondering WHAT'S actually inside of
Body Do Over Grass-Fed Whey Protein? 
Check out our Supplement Facts and Ingredients Below: (we've hidden NOTHING!)

Produced From Grass Fed Cows 

Our ingredients stem from All Natural cows that graze on organic grass pastures. Rather than using Whey Proteins that come from Factory-Farmed, Hormone Treated Cows, where you are ingesting the hormones from the cows Low Quality Nutrition, you get 100% high quality macronutrients.

All-Natural Protein with 
no GMO's, fillers, and Artificial Flavorings

Our protein contains over a month's worth of high quality protein all without Soy, Gluten, Added Colors, Artificial Flavorings, GMO's, artificial sweeteners, fillers, and is NEVER acid treated. Imagine that... an all-natural protein with the nutrients actually intact? Just like it's supposed to be... or at least we feel like it SHOULD be. 

30 Scoops of Delicious Nutrition

The Body Do Over Whey Protein tastes absolutely fantastic and is an amazing energy booster, feeding your body without having to go on any special “DIET” program so you lose weight naturally, easily and quickly.

 Fits into any Lifestyle

Easy to fit into your life, even if it includes busy office days and other sedentary jobs, so you have the highest quality nutrition 
even when you don’t have time to take out of your day.

Our 100% No-Risk To YOU Body Do Over Promise
Order your first container of Body Do Over Protein andwe will back you up 100% with our 30-Day Refund Guarantee...

I know you work hard for your money. I know you’re buying Body Do Over GRASS-FED Whey Protein solely on the facts and promises I’ve laid out to you.I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If for any reason Body Do Over GRASS-FED Whey Protein doesn’t work out for you… all you have to do is let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll promptly refund all your money.

Zero hassles – it’s that simple.

Sounds pretty fair, right?
If you don't LOVE it, we will refund every single dollar.
"My protein powder arrived today and it is by far the best I've ever had!
The chocolate seriously tastes like a dessert! Thank you guys so much for making this!"
Brittany Shepard
"New chocolate protein tastes great, thanks guys!!"
Chriss Sanjurjo Dworski
"I have tried so many different proteins and never realized how high in sugars
and GMO's they were. I LOVE the taste and feel of the protein.
I've ordered month after month! Thanks for making it!"
David Abrams
Get Over 30 Days of Body Do Over Grass-Fed Whey Protein for only $1.59 per DAY!
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John Schaefer, Founder of Body Do Over
"John Schaefer and Body Do Over was life changing for me." - Johanna Haza
My name is John Schaefer and over the past 15 years I’ve worked with some of Hollywood's top celebrities who have paid me tens of thousands of dollars to personally help them and ensure they look their absolute best for movies and shows.

I’m the co-host of The Body Do Over Show, a podcast that has over 100,000 downloads monthly.

I’ve counseled hundreds of people in fitness and nutrition while becoming the creator of the Cut Method, which cuts fat faster and easier while being healthier than anything available in the marketplace today. We see amazing results all while allowing you to eat the food you love and spend less time in the gym. These simple shifts change the way you view fitness and nutrition which ultimately means you create rapid and lasting results both mentally and physically.

I created Body Do Over GRASS-FED Whey Protein when I saw how many people were dealing with being over weight from low quality nutrition, chemicals, hormones, refined sugars and other filler junk put into common everyday supplements and meal replacement shakes. 

And judging by all the feedback I've already gotten, I'm quite confident it can help YOU too.
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