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"I Close My First Wholesale Deal In Six Weeks"

As a newcomer to the world of real estate investing, I wasn’t sure that this process would work. But I decided I would “go through the motions”… I closed my first wholesale deal in six weeks! - Kenny Castillo
Matt Theriault
From: Matt Theriault
Los Angeles, California

You may already know this...

But if you're tired of being stuck, tired of where you are... then you already know that the fastest and most successful way to create financial freedom for yourself is...


If you're unsure of how to answer questions like these... or... you're just flat-out disappointed with the programs you've started and attempted this far, then this little letter may just be the most important thing you read all year.

Because you're about to get the opportunity to get your hands on the MOST comprehensive and profit driven Real Estate training system that consistently out-produces any other process or system I've tested... and doesn't require any of your own money, "good old boys club" networks, or interest compounding loans.

So go ahead and...

Envision yourself hanging out with a friend who was making millions of dollars in real estate...

Envision that friend was willing to sit own with you and explain his entire real estate business so you could easily replicate, step-by-step, exactly what he’s doing in your own market.

Envision that he would be happy to coach you on the exact steps needed in step by step videos and resources that he spent years and thousands of dollars creating for himself.

Envision he gave you his secret 911 phone line to get in touch with him when you needed him most to help close deals.

Envision that friend had created a Facebook community of similarly driven people, who were also on the same journey as yours. People who could assist you in what you’re doing, answer your questions, and become great friends and joint venture partners in the future.

Envision the joy and excitement when you finally complete your first ever real estate deal and deposited that first HUGE commission in your bank account!

Now Envision building a true scalable and legacy business that will allow you and your family to break through financial freedom and enjoy the happiness that most people only dream of.

Well, great news! That is exactly what I have created with The Epic Pro Academy!

This is The ULTIMATE Step-by-Step Mentorship Program (including videos + written versions) + Support + Community + Me. Everything that you could EVER need to become a profitable real estate investor even if you’ve never bought, sold or owned one piece of real estate.

So, let me introduce you to the...

"Now I Invest Full Time...

I was able to purchase 11 rental properties in the first four months using none of my own money or credit just like Matt said I could. The income from those properties replaced my income as a financial planner and now I invest full time."

~ David Perez, Epic Pro Academy Member
So What's The Academy All About?
Well, it’s a comprehensive, module-driven program, that walks you through all the pieces, step-by-step, of creating your first $10,000 check in Real Estate using the Epic Pro Academy.

It starts from the very beginning of the process and holds your hand till the very end.

And the whole program is designed so you can have your first CHECK with Real Estate and then scale that business up to generate sales and profits for you for years to come. 

Each module is broken-down into small, easily digestible nuggets for you for easy learning and fast implementation.

This way you never get overwhelmed and you never experience any kind of info-overload.

Every Module has an introduction which gives you a quick overview of what you’ll learn, as well as a recap of the key points to ensure you get each and every nugget and gem.

As well, every Lesson comes with other documents and PDF handouts with all the content covered. This way, you can simply follow along as you’re learning and setting-up your Real Estate business.

Inside your Epic Pro Academy Training Portal you’ll find all the modules within one click.

And every Module and individual lesson is laid-out so you can simply click one button to move on to the next lesson.
Why Would I Give You All This Training 
Inside The Epic Pro Academy?
I wanted to provide my students a play by play to get through the headache of making their FIRST $10,000 in Real Estate.

But, it didn't end there.

I pulled in the BEST knowledge I could about what happens AFTER the Sale, Calculator to Analyze Deals, Recorded Training Webinars, over 50+ Advanced Videos explaining Paperwork to quitting the rat race.

Literally everything you need to get there. AND STAY THERE.

When most real estate investors begin they jump in too fast without ANY guidance. And then they continue to suffer and make excuses for their failed attempts.

You know the ones I’m talking about. They continue to say…

“Sure, Real Estate Investing is a great way to get started when you have money to spend or a knowledge of Real Estate!"

And this is absolutely DEAD WRONG!

My beginnings in Real Estate started when I lost my Music Label company to the digital download. I went from successful entrepreneur to bagging groceries in a supermarket.

You know... "Paper or Plastic?"

Yeah, that was me, working for $7/hour.

When I learned that Real Estate made more millionaires than any other profession, I was already hooked.

I started with NO money and NO idea where to begin.

And now... after doing 1000's of deals and working with hundreds upon hundreds of eager and now successful students, I can say with honesty, I've learned a thing or two on how to help students create their dream in Real Estate.

And, as I admitted to you before…
I got started without ANY prior knowledge and started without ANY capital or using any of my own money.
And thousands of my students have as well!

Just take a look at Epic Pro Academy member Fernando Angelucci:
And then, just a few weeks later he posted:
Your Limited Time Opportunity Is Here
Right In Front Of You!
Today is your time to get your hands on a PROVEN system that has been used by MYSELF and thousands of my students.

Students who have changed their lives within 30 days by finally JUMPING OUT of the Rat Race and building their own financial freedom with their own hands.

Would you like to do that?

I know you do. I DID TOO!

By joining the Epic Pro Academy today you’re going to have the opportunity to learn the exact same in depth and advanced methods to take these 3 Steps and take them to the next level.

And by that I mean checks that are delivered each month and results that consistently deliver massive returns for you and your family.

No matter how old you are, where you live, or what you currently do, ANYONE can use this method to achieve financial freedom.

Now’s your chance to get in on the action.
By Joining The Epic Pro Academy
Here's Just A Taste Of What You Will Get:
  • Advanced Training - Over 50+ Videos Taking you to even higher levels of success in Real Estate Investing… including Team Building and Wealth Building additional Courses!
  • Specific Properties Section - Here You’ll be able to Fill out and Keep all your deals organized in one place for easy reference!
  • Real Estate 911 Line - Here you’ll dial your emergency help whenever you need it on your deals. ANYTIME.
  • Fix n’ Flip Analyzer - So you know exactly how much to offer to ensure you lock in solid profits on every deal
  • Buy n’ Hold Analyzer - Shows you how much you’ll bring in each month from the property you’re taking control of 
  • Multi-Family Analyzer - Simplifies the sometimes complex analysis of multi-family properties
  • 3 Option L.O.I. - Gives you easy to use offer making guidelines on every deal
  • Your First or Next Deal Pilot Program - Close your First or Next Deal with little to no money
  • Amortization Calculator - Calculates your mortgage interest and payments for you
  • Recorded Webinars - Past recorded trainings showing you how to make maximum profits in minimum time
  • Coaching Call Info & Archives - Gives you a vast storehouse of insights & solutions to your real estate challenges
  • Recommended Resources - Resources we have found very useful over the years that can aid your business now
  • Contracts and Paperwork - Have easy and simple contracts to close profitable deals in just minutes
  • Recommended Reading - Books that have made an impact and can make an impact in your life too
  • Planning Your Marketing - How to ensure you have a steady stream of high quality profitable deals
  • "Quit Your Day Job" Planning - The plan to get you out of the 9-5 and into the freedom Real Estate Investing can give you
  • Scaling Your Business to Build and Sustain Wealth - Learn How to scale your growth for massive financial results fast and how to Build & Sustain Your Wealth. Discover the secrets to continually growing, building and achieving more with your wealth
  • PLUS, your very own Facebook Group - Join the EPIC Facebook Group, a private and personal community for group help and new friends who are doing real estate deals right alongside you.
  • AND FINALLY... So many more bonuses - We have SO much content in the Epic Pro Academy, I can’t even list all the bonuses here!
You will receive ALL of this...
(literally everything that you need to get started and scale your real estate investing business in one place)

"The Best Money I've Ever Spent...

It’s rare I make less than five-figures a month these days. I owe it to the Epic Pro Academy and Matt’s one-on-one coaching. The best money I’ve ever spent."

~ Brad Donley, St. Louis, MO
So, what is stopping you FROM enjoying YOUR OWN Financial Freedom?

JOIN the Epic Pro Academy Today and Get Access to ALL Our Training PLUS... 
All These Amazing Bonuses:
Become a Platinum Annual Member Today and Receive:
  • ACT NOW to Get These V.I.P Bonuses!
  • 5 Highest Converting Letters & Postcards
  • 10 Highest Converting Headlines
  • Assignment Paperwork for EPIC Fast Formula
  • FREE Membership to EpicWholesalers.com
  • Creating Irresistible Offers Training
  • The "Subject to" Training from A - Z
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"Since joining the Epic Pro Academy, I’m making more money and working less hours. My wife and kids are happier because they get to see me more often, and I’m happier when they see me."
Brad Weber
"I've been trying investing in real estate for years with many different courses, but I didn't make any real progress until I became a member of the Epic Pro Academy and hired Matt as my coach. On a part time basis I'm averaging a deal every other month or so with an average profit of $7,500 per deal."
Lisa Williams,
Epic Pro Academy Member
"Having Matt as my coach is truly the best experience of my life. He sees me bigger than I see myself and he empowers me to be in action despite my doubts and fears. He is an instrumental resource to developing my new career in being a full time real estate investor."
Lisa Nilsson,
 Epic Pro Academy Member
Become a Platinum Annual Member Today and Receive:
  • ACT NOW to Get These V.I.P Bonuses!
  • 5 Highest Converting Letters & Postcards
  • 10 Highest Converting Headlines
  • Assignment Paperwork for EPIC Fast Formula
  • FREE Membership to EpicWholesalers.com
  • Creating Irresistible Offers Training
  • The "Subject to" Training from A - Z
  • The "Subject to" Training Documents
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